Plugin Load Times v3.0 for QGIS released

If QGIS takes long to start, it is probably because some of the plugins you installed take a long time to load at startup. Plugin Load Times shows the latest load time of each QGIS plugin (QGIS startup, plugin installation,…). It does not give you information about the speed of plugins when they are used. With the information provided by this plugin you can easily decide which plugins to disable, to make QGIS start faster.

A couple of weeks ago I released version 3.0 of Plugin Load Times. Since QGIS 3.4 is the new LTR version, this version of the plugin will only be available for QGIS 3.x.

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Building Footprint Posters based on a 3D map

After I posted a link to a previous article about making Building Footprint Posters in QGIS on LinkedIn , I got a question about how to make these kind of Building Footprint Posters based on building heights. In Flanders we’re lucky enough to not have to create this kind of data ourselfs based on DTM and DSM map layers. The Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen distributes the 3D GRB (a 3D base map of Flanders), that has that information per building.

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