QuickCRS for QGIS 2.x released

QuickCRSRecently I uploaded my new QGIS plugin ‘QuickCRS’ as experimental to the official QGIS Python Plugins Repository. If you check the option “Show also experimental plugins” in Plugins|Settings, you can install the latest version directly from within QGIS 2.x. I’m still working on a port for QGIS 3.x.

‘QuickCRS’ is a very simple QGIS plugin. It allows you to set the Project CRS and enable On-The-Fly Reprojection (OTF) with just a click of a button. The first time you use the plugin, you have to set your favorite CRS. After you’ve done that, simply click the QuickCRS button to set the Project CRS and enable OTF. If you want to change your favorite CRS, this setting can be found in the Menu Plugins|QuickCRS|Settings for QuickCRS.

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“Plugin Load Times” version 1.1 available

This week I released the newest version of “Plugin Load Times” for QGIS in the official QGIS Plugin Repository. In this version 1.1 the User Interface was optimized and from now on it’s possible to sort the results based on “Load time”. If you discover a bug please report it through the Github Issues Page. You can have a look at the source code on the Github-page of this QGIS plugin. New ideas for this plugin are always welcome.

To be clear: this plugin only gives information about how fast a plugin loaded during the last start of QGIS. It doesn’t tell you anything about how fast a plugin does it’s job, but that you’ll notice when you use a plugin.The data this plugin shows comes from the QGIS Python variable qgis.utils.plugin_times. You’ll notice the Load Times are different every time you start QGIS, because all kinds of factors influence Load Times of a plugin.

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A plugin to show how fast each plugin loads when QGIS starts

I made a simple QGIS plugin that shows the QGIS python variable qgis.utils.plugin_times in an easy to understand window. It will show the QGIS user which of their plugins slows down QGIS startup. If you’re a plugin developer you can compare your plugin’s speed with other plugins, so you can try to optimize your code. The plugin is available on the Official QGIS Plugin Repository as experimental plugin. You can download it from within QGIS if you check the “Show also experimental plugins” option in Plugins | Settings. If you would like to check out the source code, it’s available on Github.



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