Obscurify privacy sensitive data with PostGIS

If you want to show data in your GIS or webmap that is privacy sensitive, you should obscure the data to avoid privacy related problems. With PostGIS it’s easy to do by creating an altered table of the original data.

Example data

For this example I created a PostGIS table with points in a 100m x 100m grid. This makes it easier to show how the data is obscured. Of course your own data will probably be a table with address points or something like that. If you want to obscure your own data always make sure the table itself doesn’t contain privacy sensitive data. Continue reading “Obscurify privacy sensitive data with PostGIS”

ZoomToBelgium v.1.0 released: A button to zoom in to any of the Belgian Municipalities in QGIS

A while ago I made a QGIS plugin that ads a button to zoom in to your own municipality. Since this week version 1.0 is available. The first time you click the button, you have to select one of the Belgian municipalities to zoom in. The next time you click that button, you will immediately zoom in to that selected municipality. If you then want to change municipality you can select another one via the menu Plugins – ZoomToBelgium .

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Belgian 2017 Google Street View images very disappointing

Google Street View data anything but complete for Belgium

On December 14, 2017 Google made the Belgian Street View images photographed in 2017 available to their users.  For the municipalities Edegem and Kontich and for the city of Antwerp I checked the Street View images in detail to see when these images were photographed. According to the results they appear to be far less complete than the images made in the years 2008-2009.  A sample survey in the rest of Belgium confirms these results. This means that for most places in Belgium the most recent Street View images are almost 10 years old.  Furthermore it’s not to be expected there will be updates in the next couple of years.

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