Coloring pages based on maps

UPDATE: Because the website was hardly used by anyone, I took it offline.

Coloring for adults gains popularity. A while ago I made a website which makes it possible to create coloring pages from a map of your neighbourhood. For now the database only contains maps from Belgium and the Netherlands. The website can be found at:

Technical background

The website is built with Open Source software. The geodata is stored in a PostgreSQL database with the spatial extension PostGIS. Geoserver is used to convert these spatial databases to images with black lines. PHP is used to give these images their final lay out so they can be shown as PNG images on the website. PHP is also used to convert these PNG images to PDF files.

Data sources

Per region another geodata source is used. All data on the website is Open Data. For the Flemish Region the Grootschalig Referentie Bestand (GRB) of Informatie Vlaanderen is used. For the Brussels Region OpenStreetMap data is used, as it’s provided by Geofabrik. For the Walloon region OpenStreetMap data is used, as it was provided by Metro Extracts. For the Netherlands the Kadastrale Kaart offered via PDOK is used for the parcels. The buildings in the Netherlands come from OpenStreetMap data, as it was provided by Metro Extracts.

Nederlandstalige versie van dit artikel

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