Add an OpenStreetMap link to Google Search results

In the European Union Google changed it’s search results in march 2024. If you search for a geographical location, the little map that is shown with the search results no longer is a link to Google Maps results.

Since it’s very convenient to have a link to a bigger map, I created a userscript that adds a link to OpenStreetMap results. More info about this userscript can be found here.

Plugin Load Times v4.0 for QGIS released

If QGIS takes long to start, it is probably because some of the plugins you installed take a long time to load at startup. Plugin Load Times shows load time of each QGIS plugin. It does not give you information about the speed of plugins when they are used. With the information provided by this plugin you can easily decide which plugins to disable, to make QGIS start faster. I released version 4.0 of Plugin Load Times.

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My favourite QGIS plugins

When I was at FOSS4G in Prizren a month ago, I attended the QGIS AMA. During this event one of the things Marco Bernasocchi and Matthias Kuhn talked about were their favourite QGIS plugins. I thought that was a cool idea, so I wrote this blog post to tell about my own favourite QGIS plugins. I listed them in alphabetical order. I encourage everyone to make a similar list. You can do so in the comments below or you can write a post about it on your own blog or anywhere else.

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My QGIS Geometry Generator examples were updated to QGIS 3.32

A couple of years ago I started showing some of my QGIS Geometry Generator examples in a Gitlab repository. Regularly people tell me they really appreciate them, but recently I noticed that some of my Geometry Generator expressions didn’t work anymore in the current version of QGIS, so I updated them so they all work again in QGIS 3.32.

At the same time I also added a lot more information in the ReadMe files in the repository, so people who want to check them out, can better understand how and why I use certain expressions.

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Using QGIS actions to add buildings from OpenStreetMap to a map

QGIS actions and an OpenStreetMap API

In april of this year I went to the 2023 QGIS User Conference in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. At that conference there was a very interesting workshop on using actions in QGIS by Ujaval Gandhi of Spatial Thoughts. At the time I decided to attend another workshop and talk that were also very interesting, but luckily Ujaval shared his workshop notes online, so I tried all his examples after the conference and I was really impressed with the possibilities of actions in QGIS. You should really check them out.

A couple of weeks ago I read a blog post by Brendan Ashworth of Bunting Labs about their API to download from OpenStreetMap. The thing that caught my attention was the fact that this API delivers GeoJSON data as a result of a request. So I wondered if it would be possible to use this API in QGIS actions. In this blog post I will show you how I did just that.

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