List of webservices with data for Belgium now also in English and French

Since a couple of years I maintain 4 web pages with lists of WMS, WFS, WMTS and XYZ tile services that contain data for Belgium. When I recently attended the FOSS4G Belgium conference in Brussels, it became clear these web pages are pretty popular with the Dutch speaking GIS folks at the conference. The WMS page was even on one of the slides for the keynote by OGC president Bart De Lathouwer.

Until recently these pages were only available in Dutch, but now I have translated them to English and French. So people who don’t understand Dutch can also use these pages. The web pages contain information about available layers and projections in these services. They also contain QGIS import files you can download, so you can import all these services into QGIS with just a couple of clicks using the downloaded XML file.

These web pages with a list of webservices can be found on:

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