How to install Fiona for Python 3 using OSGeo4W

In my blog post about checking Streetview capture dates with python and geojson the Python 3 package Fiona is used. In this post I’ll explain how to install it using OSGeo4W.

If you’ll run the OSGeo4W installer you’ll get the following screen. Select “Advanced Install” and click Next.

On the next screen select “Install from Internet” and click Next.

On the next screen you can use the default settings. Just click Next.

On the next screen you can also use the default settings. Just click Next.

The settings you need to set in the next screen depend on your internet connection. If you’re not sure try “Direct connection” or “Use IE5 Settings”. If you’re connection uses a proxy, you can set the settings on this screen. After you selected a kind of Internet Connection, click Next.

On the next screen, you have to select your favorite mirror. Any of these is just fine. Select one and click Next.

On the next screen type “Fiona” in the search field. This will filter the packages in the list underneath.

Now you have to click on the plus before “Libs” to see all found Fiona packages.

We need the “python3-fiona” package. If you click once or a couple of times on “Skip” before “python3-fiona”, you can select the version you want to install. Click on the version number until you get the highest number available. Currently that is 1.8.13.post1-1. After that click Next.

On the next screen the installer will tell you that the selected package has some dependencies that will be installed. Just click Next to continue.

After that, the installer will probably ask you to accept some licenses. You’ll have to accept them to continue. Then the installation will start.

When you get the screen below, the installation is finished and you can use Fiona from the OSGeo4W Python 3 installation.

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