A new “Holiday Random” style for QGIS

I created a new style to use on a point layer in QGIS. This style is holiday themed, but it’s actually all about adding randomized styling to your layer. The stars are located on the points of your layer, but they change color anytime you interact with the map (zoom, move, select,…). At the same time christmas trees are added to the map at random locations inside the bounding box of your points layer. Everytime you interact with the map the trees change location. For each point in your layer, 3 trees are shown on the map.
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QGIS Geometry Generator examples repository

I use Geometry Generator a lot in QGIS. I promised in a tweet to make some of my use cases available online, therefore I made a repository with my examples on GitLab. A great introduction to QGIS Geometry Generator by Klas Karlsson can be found on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YxjJ-9zIJ0.

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