My QGIS Geometry Generator examples were updated to QGIS 3.32

A couple of years ago I started showing some of my QGIS Geometry Generator examples in a Gitlab repository. Regularly people tell me they really appreciate them, but recently I noticed that some of my Geometry Generator expressions didn’t work anymore in the current version of QGIS, so I updated them so they all work again in QGIS 3.32.

At the same time I also added a lot more information in the ReadMe files in the repository, so people who want to check them out, can better understand how and why I use certain expressions.

If you have some ideas for things that might be possible with Geometry Generators, but don’t know how to do so, put those ideas in the comments below and I might try to find a solution for your idea.

The repository with QGIS Geometry Generator Examples can be found at: It contains all project files, QML files and sample data to try the styles yourself. You can also download the entire repository at once.

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