ZoomToBelgium v.1.0 released: A button to zoom in to any of the Belgian Municipalities in QGIS

A while ago I made a QGIS plugin that ads a button to zoom in to your own municipality. Since this week version 1.0 is available. The first time you click the button, you have to select one of the Belgian municipalities to zoom in. The next time you click that button, you will immediately zoom in to that selected municipality. If you then want to change municipality you can select another one via the menu Plugins – ZoomToBelgium .

This plugin works in QGIS 2 (since version 2.14) and QGIS 3.

This plugin is available in the official QGIS Plugin Repository. This means you can download the plugin from within QGIS itself. The source code is available on Github.

If you find any bugs in the plugin, please report them on Github.

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