Create Building Footprint Posters in QGIS using Geometry Generator

Recently a lot of Articles about making Building Footprint Posters and Street Patterns Generators showed up on the internet. In QGIS it’s easy to make those too with Geometry Generator.

I made an example in QGIS where I use Geometry Generator to clip
the buildings layer to a circle that is created 500 meter around the center of the map. If you pan the map in QGIS, another part of the map is clipped on-the-fly. This way it’s super easy to change the area wherefore you want to create a building footprint poster.

You can use data from for example OpenStreetMap or the GRB to create a map for the area you’re interested in.

The example I created including a QML-file, sample data and a sample project file can be found and downloaded on my GitLab-page.

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