Version 2.0.1 of ZoomToBelgium for QGIS released

Last week I released a new version of my QGIS plugin ZoomToBelgium. This plugin helps you to zoom to one of the administrative boundaries in Belgium with one click on a button. In the front end of the plugin you probably won’t notice many differences with version 1.x of the plugin, but in the back end the plugin was updated to make it easier to maintain. This new version is only available for QGIS 3.x. QGIS 2 is no longer supported.

The plugin can be installed from within QGIS, because it is available in the official QGIS plugin repository. The first time you use the plugin, it will ask to which boundary you want to zoom. After that clicking the button will always zoom to that selected boundary.

After that first time selecting your favorite boundary, you can always change the selected boundary in the plugins menu with the “Select Boundary” dialog box shown above this blog post.

If you find a bug in the plugin or have a great idea to improve it, you can always use the issue tracker on GitLab.

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