How to import many new WMS, WMTS, WFS or XYZ tile services into QGIS

If QGIS on your computer contains no or a very limited number of WMS, WMTS, WFS or XYZ tile webservices to choose from, it is possible to import these in bulk from an XML file. This blog post explains how to do so for WMS services, but for XYZ tile, WMTS and WFS services you can import the XML file in a very similar way.

The XML file

First you’ll need an XML file that contains all the webservices you want to import. You can ask a friend or colleague to send you their XML file or you can download one from the internet. I have these kind of XML files available on:

On the top of any of these websites, you’ll find a link to the “QGIS Import file”. You can just download that file and you’re ready to go.

The import procedure in QGIS

First you’ll have to click on the “Open Data Source Manager” button.

A new window will open with all possible data sources for QGIS. On the left select “WMS/WMTS”. That way you’ll get all kind of options to add WMS and WMTS services. In this window click on the “Load” button in the top left.

Another window will pop up. There you’ll have to select your XML file and click on “Open”.

A list of all the webservices that are available in the XML file will be shown. In this window you can pick which services you want to import into QGIS.

If you click the “Select all” button, all services will be selected at once. After you have selected the webservices, you click the “Import” button.

Now all the services are available in QGIS.

If you click on the selection box above the “Connect” button, you’ll get a list of all the available services.

Export the XML file

With the “Save” button next to the “Load” button you can export an XML file with the webservices of your QGIS, for when you want to send it to a friend or colleague.

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