Old Google API to check Street View capture dates replaced by new API in my scripts

In the past I wrote multiple blog posts about how you can make a map of Google Street View capture dates. On December 29, 2020 I noticed the old unofficial Google API I used doesn’t work anymore. Luckily Google has a new official API that can be used to get the same information. Therefore I updated all my scripts to use the new JSON file instead of the old XML file.

The downside of the new API is that you have to get an API key for the “Street View Static API” in the Google Cloud Console and you have to give Google your credit card details in the Billing module of Google Cloud Console. Fortunately it’s free to request metadata of the Streetview images. Requesting the Streetview images using the API does cost money.

The updated blog posts can be found on:

The data of Street View capture dates I collect for Antwerpen, Kontich and Edegem can be downloaded from https://gis-projects.gitlab.io/streetview-opname-data/, but it will take about a month to get the updated capture dates for all 538583 points. This means the data will be up-to-date by the end of January 2021.

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