Search functionality added to my geospatial webservices websites

Since a couple of years I maintain 5 websites with lists of WMS, WFS, OGC API Features, WMTS and XYZ tile services that contain data for Belgium. Until now you had to scroll trough the pages to find the webservice you needed and that made it hard to find the correct service.

Recently I updated the layout for these websites to make them easier to read. Shortly after that I added a basic search functionality to search for webservices in my database. It is a search box per type of webservice. So currently you won’t find WFS services on the WMS or OGC API Features website for example. I might add a common search functionality for all types of webservices in the future.

There is a search box at the top of each page and it can be used to search for keywords. It is some very basic search functionality that will search for the exact text that you enter in the box. So if you enter for example “recent ortho photo” you probably won’t find anything because that exact text in that order isn’t part of the information that is stored in my database. But if you search for “ortho” you’ll find a list of services containing the word “ortho” in their title, description or url on the WMS, WMTS or XYZ tile services websites. I will try to improve the search functionality in the future.

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